We are always asked questions and we want to answer them all for you here. If you still have questions about our website, please contact us.

Is MP3Juices free or do I have to sign up for a membership?

Our service is completely free and you won't have to sign up for a membership. This will never happen either. We finance ourselves through advertising.

Sometimes an error occurs and I cannot download the video. Why is that?

Sometimes there are problems with the conversion or YouTube has blocked or removed the video in the meantime. In that case we cannot offer you this video either. Just try another video.

I don't know what to do - how do I download a video?

Please use our HowTo subpage for this. There you will find everything exactly described.

Does MP3Juices work on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes - the service works smoothly on all common browsers as well as smartphones and tablets. The design automatically adapts to the device.